Freedom To Marry

The gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide

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Freedom to Marry Wedding Registry

Getting married and looking for places to register?  Or shopping for wedding gifts for friends or family?  Freedom to Marry has a solution for you—a gift to Freedom to Marry in the name of a married couple.

It’s easy and simple to do, and your gift will become part of the effort to win marriage equality nationwide by registering with or donating to Freedom to Marry.

If you are getting married…
If you are getting married and would prefer to have your wedding guests support social justice rather than piling up more dishware, you can direct your guests and friends to make gifts in your name to Freedom to Marry in lieu of, or in addition to, giving gifts to you. Simply direct them to

We will send you notifications of gifts made in your honor so you can make sure your thank-you list is up to date.

Some sample language you can use on your invitation or announcement—feel free to edit and personalize:

“On our special day, we’d like to support fairness and equality for all loving couples. [In lieu of] or [In addition to] gifts to us, please make donations to Freedom to Marry, the gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide. You can give a gift in our name at”


  1. In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to donate to win marriage equality nationwide.


If someone you know is getting married…
What better way to honor the marriage of a friend or family member than to help contribute to fairness for all committed couples to be able to marry?  A gift to Freedom to Marry in the couple’s name is always a great idea.

If you give us the names and contact information for the happy couple, we will send them a note announcing that you made a gift to us in their honor. (We will not disclose the amount of the gift.)


  1. Make a gift donation for a couple you know.


Services for Weddings:

  1. Many generous companies will donate a portion of their proceeds to protect marriage in California when you use their services.



To donate by check
Checks or money orders for Freedom to Marry can be mailed to:

    Freedom to Marry
    116 West 23rd Street, Suite 500
    New York, NY 10011

Thank you for supporting Freedom to Marry.

Note: Donations made online will appear as "Astraea Foundation" on your credit card statement. Freedom to Marry is a project of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation.

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