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Freedom to Marry Press Releases

Statement from Evan Wolfson, Executive Director of Freedom to Marry, on the President's State of the Union Address to Congress
January 27, 2010
President Obama Reaffirms Commitment to Ending Military's Anti-Gay Policy.

Freedom to Marry Announces New Staff and New Capacity For Marriage Push in New Decade
January 14, 2010
Key Leaders Join Organization to Seize the Opportunities to Achieve Nationwide Goals.

New Jersey Senate Refuses to End Exclusion From Marriage, Flunking the Constitutional Command of Equality
January 7, 2010
Lambda Legal and Garden State Equality Going Back to Court to Seek Freedom to Marry.

Freedom to Marry Celebrates A Remarkable Year
December 31, 2009
Advances Across the Country Carry Momentum Into the New Year.

District of Columbia’s Mayor Fenty Signs Freedom to Marry Bill
December 18, 2009
Progress in Nation’s Capital Carries Great Advances & Momentum of 2009 into 2010.

Washington, D.C. Council Overwhelmingly Passes Bill in Support of the Freedom to Marry
December 15, 2009
A Year of Great Advances Ends with Yet Another Step Forward & Continued Momentum into 2010.

Washington, D.C. Council Votes in Support of the Freedom to Marry
December 1, 2009
The District of Columbia City Council voted 11-2 in support of the freedom to marry, the first of two required votes.

Narrow Defeat in Maine Won't Stop Fight for the Freedom to Marry
November 4 , 2009
Work Continues in Maine as Other States Advance, Voters Likely Protecting Domestic Partnerships in Washington

Ben & Jerry's Renames Legendary Flavor to Celebrate Freedom to Marry
September 1 , 2009
Ice Cream Company Renames "Chubby Hubby" to "Hubby Hubby" for the Month of September to Celebrate Gay and Lesbian Couples Getting Married in Vermont

New Hampshire Becomes Sixth State to Embrace Freedom to Marry
June 3 , 2009
Fourth State to End Marriage Discrimination in Last Two Months

LGBT Organizations Warn that Lawsuits Could Set Back Progress on Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
May 27, 2009
In response to the California Supreme Court decision allowing Prop 8 to stand, four LGBT legal organizations and five other leading national LGBT groups are reminding the LGBT community that ill-timed lawsuits could set the fight for marriage back.

California Supreme Court Fails to Overturn Proposition 8
May 26, 2009
New Ballot Campaign Needed to Restore the Freedom to Marry

Maine Becomes Fifth State to End Gay Couples' Exclusion from Marriage
May 6, 2009
Freedom to Marry Must Be Protected from Opposition's Threats

Freedom to Marry Launches Voices for Equality Program
April 20, 2009
50 Voices for Equality Already Nominated, Help Us Reach 100 Voices by May 2009

Freedom to Marry Announces YouTube Video Contest Winners
April 17, 2009
Filmmakers Create Videos in Support of Marriage Equality

Vermont Ends Gay Couples' Exclusion From Marriage
April 7, 2009
Vermont Becomes Fourth State to Uphold the Freedom to Marry

Iowa Ends Gay Couples' Exclusion From Marriage
April 4, 2009
Iowa Joins Connecticut and Massachusetts as the Next State to Uphold the Freedom to Marry

12th Annual Freedom to Marry Week Most-Celebrated Yet
February 9, 2009
Theme '7 Conversations in 7 Days' Utilizes Numerous Platforms to Prompt Actions Across the Country

12th Annual Freedom to Marry Week Most-Celebrated Yet
February 9, 2009
Theme '7 Conversations in 7 Days' Utilizes Numerous Platforms to Prompt Actions Across the Country

New Web Campaign Helps Promote Conversations for Upcoming Freedom to Marry Week
February 3, 2009 Offers Tools to Support This Year's Theme, 7 Conversations in 7 Days, for February 8-14

12th Annual Freedom to Marry Week Set for February 8-14
January 14, 2009
This Year’s Theme: 7 Conversations in 7 Days

New Study Shows Pro-Marriage Legislators Win Elections
January 12, 2009
Election Results Prove Voting in Support of the Freedom to Marry Helps--and Does Not Hurt--Legislator

New study shows party, ideology, frequency of religious service attendance and age drove vote on Proposition 8
January 6, 2009
Precinct-by-precinct analysis and other data debunk myths about African-American voting on marriage equality -- Support for freedom to marry grows across nearly all demographics

Momentum Toward Marriage Equality Across Country, Still Awaiting Final Results in California
November 5, 2008
National Gains Celebrated, While Votes are Still Counted in California

Connecticut Ruling Upholds Freedom to Marry
October 10, 2008
Connecticut Joins California and Massachusetts as the Next State to Uphold the Freedom to Marry

Freedom to Marry Honors the Life of Del Martin
August 27, 2008
Civil Rights Leader was a Pioneer for Gay and Lesbian Rights and Champion of Marriage Equality

LGBT Organizations Urge Couples Marrying in California to "Make Change, Not Lawsuits"
June 10 , 2008
Four LGBT legal organizations and five other leading national LGBT groups have issued a statement entitled “Make Change, Not Lawsuits.”

California Ends Gay Couples' Exclusion From Marriage
May 15, 2008
California Supreme Court Leads the Way Yet Again in Historic Ruling Upholding the Freedom to Marry

Freedom to Marry Honors Mildred Loving Upon Her Passing
May 5, 2008
Mrs. Loving Stood Up for Her Love and Won Equality in 1967; Added Her Voice to Today’s Struggle for Equality

Freedom to Marry Week Begins, 11th Year of Events Nationwide
February 11, 2008
Awareness of the Need to End the Exclusion of Same-Sex Couples from Marriage at a New High

Six Days Until Freedom to Marry Week 2008
February 4, 2008
Events Planned Across the Country to Invite People to Speak Out Against Exclusion From Marriage

Al Gore Endorses the Freedom to Marry
January 23, 2008
In Video, Former VP and Nobel Laureate Explains Why Ending Discrimination in Marriage Matters

Freedom to Marry Launches New Website
January 15, 2008
State-of-the Art Resource Highlights Upcoming Freedom to Marry Week & Evan Wolfson's Recap of 2007, Look at 2008

As Iowa Court Strikes Down Marriage Discrimination, Freedom to Marry Releases Candidates' Guide
September 5, 2007
Candidates' Guide Outlines Responses for Inevitable Marriage Questions Following Iowa Court Ruling in Favor of Fairness for All Families

Civil Rights Organizations Hold Press Conference, Honor Racial and Marriage Equality Case
June 11, 2007
Leading civil rights organizations commemorate 40th anniversary of the historic Loving v. Virginia, racial and marriage equality decision.

Leading Civil Rights Organizations Launch "Freedom to Marry" Ad Campaign
June 1, 2007
Celebrate 40th Anniversary ofLoving v. Virginia, Historic Decision on Racial and Marriage Equality

Same-Sex Couples Pay More, But Get Less at Tax Time
April 12, 2007
Couples denied the freedom to marry are unfairly burdened in life's crises, and at tax time.

Israel to honor marriages of same-sex couples
November 21, 2006
Couples married in Canada sought to be treated the same as other couples married abroad.

Historic post-election results
November 8, 2006
AZ first state to defeat anti-gay marriage initiative; over half of ballot measures show significant gains in support for same-sex couples and their families

October 25, 2006

Taking Sides: Debating Discrimination
October 12, 2006
On the eve of Gubernatorial Candidate Elliot Spitzer's outspoken embrace of equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, a leading architect of modern marriage movement squares off against one of President Bush's favorite right wing writer.

September 29, 2006
A Debate about the Marshall-Newman Amendment: Should the VA Constitution Be Amended to Prevent Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships?

WA State Supreme Court declines to end exclusion from marriage in 5-4 decision
July 26, 2006
By 5-4, these judges failed to do their job. Now the legislators must do their job, acting to end this discrimination, while we do ours, speaking out about who gay families are and why marriage matters.

Civic, religious, civil rights leaders join to declare 'Marriage Matters'
July 25, 2006
Full-page newspaper ads feature diverse allies committed to the fight for dignity and equality for gay couples.

May 30, 2006
Oregon's Roey Thorpe brings 20 years of talent, leadership, and experience to national movement. Also available EN ESPANOL.

Massachusetts high court upholds discriminatory legal quirk in Mass. law — Gov. Romney's "gay exception" against out-of-state couples seeking to marry
March 30, 2006
Disappointing decision leaves the door open for New York and Rhode Island residents.

Benefit concert for Freedom to Marry now on CD
March 30, 2006
Stars lend support in favor of marriage equality featuring Sandra Bernhard, Margaret Cho, Alan Cumming, John Cameron Mitchell, and a rock star line up.

Straight couple launches project for marriage equality with Canadian wedding
March 29, 2006
Non-gay pair takes ceremony out of US to protest discrimination against gay and lesbian couples.

Pew Poll Shows Progress on Freedom to Marry; notes '"Strong' opposition to gay marriage, which surged in 2004, has ebbed to a new low"
March 23, 2006

National Coalition Announces New Initiative to Raise Profile of People of Color Who Support Marriage for Same-Sex Couples (pdf)
February 13, 2006

Religious Leaders Speak Out in Support of Marriage Equality
February 10, 2006

Latino/a leaders speak out during nationwide radio tour in honor of 9th annual Freedom to Marry Week
February 8, 2006

Preparations begin for 9th annual Freedom to Marry Week
February 7, 2006

New National Coalition to Unveil Campaign — Teleconference Friday, February 13, 2pm EST
February 6, 2006

"Gov. Schwarzenegger, talk to families first!"
September 8, 2005

Freedom to Marry Welcomes New Program Director Rodney McKenzie
August 31, 2005

Pew Research Center Reports Historical Findings
August 5, 2005

NLCJ applauds Spain's marriage equality decision
June 30, 2005

An Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Marriage Equality
September 22, 2004

Evan Wolfson named one of the "TIME 100"
April 21, 2004

Freedom to Marry condemns President Bush's backing of an anti-gay constitutional amendment
February 24, 2004

Freedom to Marry Leader Reacts to SF Marriage
February 13, 2004

National leaders speak out for marriage equality for same-sex couples
February 11, 2004

Equal Means Equal, Freedom to Marry applauds latest Massachusetts court decision
February 4, 2004

Response to Bush "Marriage Promotion" Spending Plan
January 14, 2004

Where Can Gay Couples Get Married?







Support the Respect for Marriage Act to Repeal DOMA

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A Decade of Progress on LGBT Rights

A new report shows the past 10 years have been a period of dramatic gains in equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in America, including sharp increases in the number of LGBT Americans protected by family recognition legislation at the state level. (Link)

Freedom to Marry Week 2010

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