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Protections and Responsibilities of Marriage

There are over 1,100 protections and responsibilities (pdf) conferred on married couples by the federal government including access to health care, parenting and immigration rights, social security, veterans and survivor benefits, and transfer of property—and that doesn't include at least several hundred state and local laws, and employers, or the intangible security, dignity, respect, and meaning that comes with marriage (pdf). Excluding committed same-sex couples from marriage means shutting out families from the safety and security created by these protections and responsibilities.

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Use the links below to learn more about the protections and responsibilities of marriage from which same-sex couples are excluded.


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How Marriage Protects Loved Ones In Death

VIDEO: 10 Couples Speak Out

Couples share their stories about marriage discrimination. (link)

LIST: Protections Denied to Same-Sex Couples and Their Kids

Some of the ways in which the government's denial of the freedom to marry punishes couples and families every day. (link)

Protect Marriage in California

Equality for All is working to protect marriage by leading the fight against an anti-marriage initiative on the November 2008 ballot in California. This statewide coalition of LGBT and civil rights organizations, labor and business, straight and gay, is determined to defeat any attempts to write discrimination into our constitution.