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History and Timeline of Marriage

This is not the first time our country has had this kind of conversation about marriage. Throughout our history, marriage has often been a battleground on which larger questions have been contested.

How did the marriage equality movement get started?

The movement for marriage equality has grown from the grassroots up. Many different factors have been involved in its growth, popularity, and in its successes so far.

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Use the key resources below to learn more about the history and timeline of the marriage equality movement.


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Loving Vs Virginia: 40th Anniversary of Interracial Marriage
This three minute commercial from NBJC commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the historic Loving Vs. Virginia court decision.





40th Anniversary of Loving v. Virginia

Our page commemorates the Loving celebration in June 2007 which was co-sponsored by civil rights organizations from across the country to honor the freedom to marry as a civil right, featuring a rare public statement (pdf) by Mrs. Mildred Loving (a plaintiff in the historic Loving v. VirginiaSupreme court case which ended racial discrimination in marriage) supporting the freedom to marry for all Americans. (link)

International progress toward the freedom to marry

Learn more about the international advancements toward ending the exclusion of same-sex couples and their families from marriage. [Link]

Freedom to Marry: Rites & Rights

Freedom To Marry: Rites & Rights explores the history of marriage equality from 1942 to the present, from the rights of mixed-race couples to prisoners to same-sex couples. More than just a history, Freedom To Marry: Rites & Rights features the Reading Room, a collection of court rulings and other documents that brought about change in the rights of couples to legally marry. And the site features timelines that graphically depict at a glance how changes in the laws and political events built on each other over time. Rites & Rights comes to us by way of the Legal Marriage Alliance Of Washington which served as its web home since 2005.(link)