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The movement for full equality for all American families is succeeding in the face of an immense, well funded, aggressive opposition campaign that is not just opposed to marriage equality, but is also anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-civil-rights, anti-women's equality, and anti-separation of church and state.

The anti-gay right-wing groups pursuing their own political and ideological agenda explicitly oppose marriage equality, and civil unions and domestic partnership rights of any kind. They even work to deny lesbian and gay employees health insurance coverage for their life partners and kids, and are campaigning state by state to cement sweeping anti-gay discrimination not just into the law, but into the federal and state constitutions.  Such groups are:

  1. Focus on the Family,
  2. Concerned Women of America,
  3. Family Research Council,
  4. the American Family Association,
  5. Liberty Counsel,
  6. National Organization for Marriage, and others

Following victories for marriage equality in Iowa and Vermont, the so-called ‘National Organization for Marriage’ (NOM) launched attack ads across the country against gay couples’ freedom to marry entitled ‘Gathering Storm’.  The Human Rights Campaign responded, uncovering the lies and scare tactics NOM uses in their ads, and Evan Wolfson addressed these fear-mongering ads on CNN and Huffington Post.  Also, numerous video spoofs of the ad were created, bringing to light the fear tactics used in the ad.


Use the links below to learn more about these attack campaigns against equality and how to respond.


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Responses to Attacks

Evan Wolfson on the Opposition

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Exposing National Organization for Marriage's Fake Ad for Fake Problems

The Human Rights Campaign released a statement and a factual rebuttal on a television spot produced by the National Organization for Marriage. In the ad, actors make disproven claims about marriage for lesbian and gay couples. (Link)

Winning the Freedom to Marry? Cue the Attack on the Gays!

Evan Wolfson writes on the Huffington Post, "The millions of dollars that NOM and its backers threaten to spend fostering yet another cultural and political war against gay people and threatening civil rights protections would be better spent addressing the real problems facing all our families today. What's truly scary is they don't seem to be feeling that love." (Link)

Responses to Attacks

Here are some of the leading themes in the right-wing's anti-gay attack campaigns and the truth behind the claims. (Link)