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The gay and non-gay partnership working to win marriage equality nationwide

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More and more legislatures are introducing and discussing the need to end exclusion from marriage for gay couples.

In 2009, 12 pro-marriage bills are expected to be introduced in a record number of states. View the map of this activity and find out what’s going on in your state.


Use the key resources below to learn more about legislative activity in support of marriage equality.


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Evan Wolfson on Legislators taking action

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What's going on in legislatures around the country?

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Pro-Marriage Legislators Win Elections

Contrary to some political expectations, this report proves voting to support the freedom to marry and opposing anti-marriage measures helps rather than hurts politicians.(pdf link)

Candidates' Guide on How to Support Marriage Equality and Get Elected

The Candidates' Guide presents why candidates should support the freedom to marry not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is also in their interest to do so, and lays out how to stand on clear principle, make the case for ending exclusion, and throw the challenge back at opponents. (pdf link)

Freedom to Marry State by State

Visit our state pages to see what is happening with legislation in your state and how to get involved. (link)

Freedom to Marry Legislative Maps

View and/or download United States maps tracking proposed legislation concerning marriage throughout our nation. Also, find maps showing the current status of protections for same-sex couples in our country and historical views of past marriage struggles. (link)