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Evan Wolfson Debates

VIDEO: Public Policy Lecture Series: "Should State Legislatures Approve Same-sex Marriage
From C-SPAN, Evan Wolfson debates parenting and marriage equality with David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values. Evan draws on the leading experts (American Academy of Pediatrics, Family Law Quarterly) who say ending discrimination in marriage would help families and hurt no one. This debate was held on March 14, 2007 at Pace Law School. / Streaming video from Pace Law School /
Download video / Evan's opening remarks on YouTube

VIDEO: Marriage? Babies Required!
February 7, 2007

Evan Wolfson debates Charmaine Yoest MSNBC News Live regarding the merits of Washington State's Initiative 957 which would require couples who have not procreated after 3 years of marriage to lose their license. The initiative is a clear attempt to challenge the Washington State Supreme Court's mandate that same sex couples exclusion from marriage is warranted by the need for non-gay couples to and their kids to have their reproduction privileged by the state. What about gay couples and their kids? No protections for them? Evan Wolfson lays bare the claims of the anti-gay Family Research Council in mere seconds!

Marshall-Newman Amendment debated
Virginia Law Weekly
October 20, 2006

Evan Wolfson debated VA Delegate Bob Marshall, co-sponsor of a proposed amendment to the VA Constitution to prohibit legal recognition or benefits for same-sex relationships October 5 in VA. Though there were rumors of planned protests and disruptions, the only incident during the controversial debate was a silent protest by two students who stood and turned their backs during Delegate Marshall's opening statements. Wolfson, the obvious favorite of the crowd in attendance, did not suffer any disruptions while speaking.

PODCAST: Evan Wolfson debates Maggie Gallagher at the Jewish Theological Seminary
Jewish Theological Seminary, New York
October 17, 2006

Debating Maggie Gallagher of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, a prolific opponent of gay couples' freedom to marry, Evan Wolfson quotes Ronald Reagan's critique of those who "see something happen in practice and wonder if it will work in theory."

Law school hosts marriage debate
The Cavalier Daily
October 6, 2006

Del. Robert Marshall, R-Manassas, and Evan Wolfson debated the issue of marriage equality, and more specifically the Marshall-Newman Amendment concerning same-sex marriage co-sponsored by Marshall. "I thought Wolfson did a better job with orating in the realm of the concrete," second-year College student Carianne King said. "Marshall really had trouble with coming up with stable examples and arguments."

PODCAST: Marriage equality leader debates VA anti-gay amendment sponsor
University of Virginia School of Law
October 6, 2006

Evan Wolfson's October 5, 2006, debate with VA Delegate Bob Marshall, co-sponsor of a proposed amendment to the VA Constitution to prohibit legal recognition or benefits for same-sex relationships.

Why marriage matters: authors debate the right to marry
The Capital Times
September 22, 2005
Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family and Evan Wolfson, head of Freedom to Marry debated "why marriage matters" — also the title of each author's book, last night in Madison, WI. While Stanton believes marriage should remain an "exclusive province of heterosexual couples," Wolfson argues that this denial of marriage to a group of people is contrary to the American traditions of equality and justice. Wolfson stressed that marriage is a powerful statement about the love and commitment between two people, and legal barriers to that commitment "is hurtful and wrong. In America we all have the right to be both equal and different and no one has to give up their differences to be treated equally under the law." A packed theater listened to the debate, as a proposed anti-gay marriage amendment is likely to reach voters in Fall 2006. Wolfson is confident that "fair-minded people will rise to fairness" once they have had a chance to receive and absorb information about the proposed ban.

DEBATE: Evan Wolfson debates Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family (mp3)
Freedom to Marry
September 21, 2005

Debating equal rights for same-sex couples at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family and Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry agree that marriage matters. A proposed marriage amendment is due to arrive in the Wisconsin legislature and many have the question of why marriage matters on their minds. Debating the importance of marriage and ending discrimination in marriage to same-sex couples, Wolfson and Stanton debate the important issue in front of a packed amphitheater.

DEBATE: Evan Wolfson and Rev. Lou Sheldon
Stanford University
April 20, 2005

Listen to the debate between Evan Wolfson and Traditional Values Coalition leader, Lou Sheldon, over ending the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage.

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